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The Bubble Institute
October 17, 2019
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The Bubbles

By bubble, we refer to the hundreds or thousands of singular urges that each of us harbor inside our minds, often in conflict with each other, which are balanced by the desire to achieve higher individual welfare while make sure no important urges are ignored. The bubbles within each individual are dynamic in that a person may see the birth and death of bubbles as she grows. The bubbles across individuals are heterogeneous in that they vary greatly from person to person. The bubbles reside deep in one's mind, but some of them bubble up from unconscious to conscious, from individual's mind to social environment. Furthermore, an even smaller set of bubbles from different individuals may combine and become the forces that influence how we live our life and how the society evolves.

At the aggregate level, bubbles can be studied from two different angles: (1) a small and similar set of bubbles shared by the majority of human beings and (2) a comprehensive and heterogeneous set of bubbles possessed by a well defined group of individuals (e.g., nation, society, ethnic group, religious group, generation).

The Institute

The Institute's mission is to understand these bubbles and how they operate, and guide them for the betterment of individual and society.

At the present stage, the Institute will focus on two programs, one focuses on a particular type of bubbles, namely, those drive Fair Development, and the second focuses on a particular group of individuals, namely, those possessed by contemporary Chinese.


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